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In the course of the Hotmaps project, a number of free and open access training workshops and courses have been held, both on-site and online. This section gathers all the training materials developed in the context of these workshops and courses, with the aim of helping both potential users learn about the Hompats toolbox and database through a self-paced self-taught training, and future trainers/workshop hosts organize their Hotmaps training.

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All Hotmaps training workshops and courses have been conceived for heating and cooling planning professionals. The training addresses how the Hotmaps database and toolbox are structured and what are their functionalities, but the theory and procedures of heating and cooling planning are assumed as already familiar to participants and are not covered by the training.

Those who wish to learn more on the heating and cooling planning theory, are invited to read the Hotmaps Handbooks, possibly before taking the training. No additional preparation is required to be able to complete this training.

The training combines:

  • A presentation of the Hotmaps project.
  • A virtual tour of the Hotmaps tool.
  • Practical and written exercises, to be performed by the participants based on spreadsheets and explanatory documents.
  • Support, Discussion and Feedback sessions.

The Hotmaps learning material is currently available in English and German. The training is modular and it covers the following functionalities:

  • Mapping of heat demand and resource potentials (exercise 1).
  • Calculation of decentral heat supply costs (exercise 2).
  • Calculation of district heating supply costs (exercise 3).
  • Calculation of district heating distribution costs (exercise 4).
  • Setting up of consistent scenarios for the region (exercise 5).

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Past training workshops and online courses

There have been two training workshops held in person:

  • Bolzano (IT), December 9 th - 10 th 2019 > Done
  • Brussels (BE), February 19 th - 20 th 2020 > Done
  • Milton Keynes (UK), April 1st – 2nd 2020 > Cancelled
  • Frankfurt-am-Main (DE), May 5th – 6th 2020 > Cancelled

After the COVID-19 outbreak, three online courses have been eventually held virtually as countermeasure:

  • First online training in English, April 27th - May 12th 2020
  • Online training in German, May 4th - 19th 2020
  • Second online training in English, stretched over three weeks, June 29th - July 17th 2020

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Guidelines to host a Hotmaps training

The document on the Training Material Guideline provides guidelines and examples to assist the performance of further training workshops on the use of the Hotmaps tool, as well as the self-taught training. In addition, it elaborates on practical aspects of designing, organizing and delivering a Hotmaps training, such as training structure, selection of trainers, locations and timing, promotion activities, registration and more. The process of subsequent adjustments due both to the experience and feedback gathered in the first two on-site training workshops and to the COVID-19 outbreak is explained by presenting both the original workshop draft and final agendas, as well as the online training courses agendas, together with the on-site training materials and those later used online.

The document provides also guidelines for a live presentation of the tool, a list of all the available capacity building and educational materials produced, together with their respective use. All the sections of the training are explained in detail and the training material used is illustrated, including the use of an e-learning platform, the exercises hand-outs, and their relative solutions.

Finally, it presents the feedback collected, providing both an overview of how the training courses were received, and how future training could build on this experience. The two feedback questionnaires used in the on-site and online training workshops are linked below in the respective section.

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Training Material

On-site Training

The on-site training material has evolved building on the experience and feedback collected in subsequent workshops, landing to the most up to date version, which was used for the online training and is listed in the following section.

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Online Training

The training material is presented below following the order in which it has been used or distributed. To see the agenda used during the training, please refer to the Training Material Guideline.

Before the training

  • Email sent to participants before the first webinar English / German
  • Tutorial: How to use Hotmaps English (This tutorial can be seen in any language, by using the youtube automatic translation options)


Preparatory Webinar

  • Preparatory webinar: introduction to the Hotmaps project, toolbox, database, and online training English / German
  • Presentation used for the webinar English / German
  • Sample Google Classroom English access code: ealdt6b / German access code: tzfxr5w
  • Tutorial: How to use Hotmaps (This tutorial is played by default in English, but can be seen in any language, by using the youtube automatic translation options)
  • Introductory video: "How can the toolbox support energy planning?" English
  • Introductory video: "The EU wide database" English
  • Test: Questionnaire on the content of the introductory videos English / German

Exercises 1-2

Exercises 3-4

Exercise 5

Closing Webinar

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Collecting feedback was an essential part of all the Hotmaps training courses because it gave the training team information about how the training had been received and perceived, as well as where there was room for improvement. A feedback questionnaire has been used both for the on-site and for the online training, with some differences. Please access them below:

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How to cite

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Authors and reviewers

This page was written by Giulia Conforto e-think.

☑ This page was reviewed by Marcus Hummel e-think.

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Copyright © 2016-2020: Giulia Conforto

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 International License.

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We would like to convey our deepest appreciation to the Horizon 2020 Hotmaps Project (Grant Agreement number 723677), which provided the funding to carry out the present investigation.

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